Re: will copies - Martinjac
Subject: Re: will copies
From: Martinjac
Date: May 01, 1999

In a message dated 4/28/99 11:47:20 PM EST, [email protected] writes:

<< Does anyone know how much it costs to order a copy  of a S.C.will?
 Do we order from the South Carolina Archives or from the county where it
 was probated?

Each Will has a different charge - it depends on how many pages much be 
Write to the Archives but don't send any money.  Give them as much 
information as you have regarding the person and the county and enclose a 
self-addressed, stamped envelope.  They will send back an invoice - stating 
how many pages and how much it will cost. After you send them the money, they 
will send you the Will.

Jacqui Martin

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