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Subject: Fwd: Will Books
From: Jane McCombs Gillespie
Date: April 20, 1999

Can anyone help Carol Ann?? 

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From: Carol Ann Burdine 
To: [email protected] 
Date: Tuesday, April 20, 1999 9:46 AM
Subject: Will Books

I wish to find out how I can obtain a copy of a will. Below is the
>information on it's location.
>Newberry County, SC, on south Carolina State Archives Roll #21, vol. 1
>(Will Books A, B, C, D & loose papers) page 65 (1776-18140).
>Just guessing, the information I am seeking on the Will of Abraham
>Eddins (Edens) who died about 1801/2. His will was made 8Jan1792 in
>Wilkes County, NC. He died 1801/1802 in Newberry County, SC.  From the
>book SOMEPIONEERS FROM WILKES COUNTY page 335 I learned of his will and
>it's location in South Carolina.
>The information on it says" Edens (Eddins)-Abraham leaving widow, Sarah
>and children: AnneBurdin, Frank Kelly, Mary Burdine, Joseph, Lucy,
>Judith Renels, Sarah Chandler"
>Please write me with instructions on how to receive a copy or someone
>who can find it for me.  Thank you.
>Carol Ann Burdine
>[email protected]
>2040 U.S.Hwy.#12
>Ethel, Washington 98542

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