Will Abstracts - Joan or Gary Reich
Subject: Will Abstracts
From: Joan or Gary Reich
Date: April 08, 1998

Can anyone help me interpret some will abstracts from Old 96 and Abbeville
Will Dated Dec 26, 1826 - the date it was written?
Prov. Oct 26, 1827 - Is this proved? Does this mean the person died about
this time?
Inv. Made - is this an inventory of the deceased person's possessions?

The following is confusing to me:
	Est admnr. Oct 22, 1823 by John, Sam'l Cothran, Charlotte Stevens, Geo.
Marshall bound to Moses Taggart Ord. Abbeville Dist sum $9000.00.
Cit. pub. at Rehobeth church. Sale Dec 30 1823.  Byrs: Charlotte Stevens,
John Kary, etc.
 Why would it take so many people to administer the will?  What does "bound
to" mean?  Would Moses Taggart be the judge? I notice his name on quite a
few wills in this manner.  What is Ord.?

This may be very clear to many of you out there but confusing to me.  I
hope someone will help me out by explaining these things to me.  Thanks.

[email protected]

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