Date: January 29, 1998

I'm so glad I was made aware of the SCROOTS project.  Vol. 98-Issue8?
Where have I been?!?!  Are the back vols & issues archived somewhere?

I am researching Sion(1) COATS/COATES, Sion(2) L. COATS/COATES, Sarah R.
(3) COATS/COATES b. 25 Dec 1811 SC, d. 31 Dec 1880 Jackson Co., TX, who 
married Allen WILKERSON prior to 1834, probably in SC.  He was b. Apr 
1806, probably SC, d. 22 Aug 1881, Jackson Co., TX.  They were in 
Orangeburg & Barnwell Cos, SC, until 1835, when they moved to Lauderdale 
Co., MS.  Allen & Sarah brought their family to TX in 1855.  Sion L. 
COATS/COATES d. 1854 Lauderdale Co., MS.

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