WIDEMAN/DAVIS>Abbeville>1780 - Sina28
Subject: WIDEMAN/DAVIS>Abbeville>1780
From: Sina28
Date: September 16, 1998

I'm hoping to locate others who might be researching the family of HENRY
WIDEMAN, b. abt. 1735, in Germany. 

He was known to have been in Abbeville District, living on the Long Cane, abt.

I descend through HENRY'S daughter LUCY WIDEMAN PRUIT, through her son JAMES
DAVIS (1), through his son  JAMES DAVIS (2), through his daughter LUCY DAVIS.
JAMES DAVIS (1) was known to be a "free negro", likely the product of LUCY
WIDEMAN and a slave of a neighbor, named DAVIS (JAMES DAVIS or MOSES DAVIS).

In the will of HENRY WIDEMAN of 1806, JAMES (1) is referred to as " my
grandson, the daughter of LUCY PRUIT, called JAMES DAVIS".

I don't believe LUCY WIDEMAN PRUIT was ever married to a DAVIS.

I have a large amount of material I'd be more than happy to share.


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