Why Fireworks on the 4th of July? - Grandyfos
Subject: Why Fireworks on the 4th of July?
From: Grandyfos
Date: July 02, 2000

A little off the subject, but I would like to share this with you...My 
grandmother, Lucinda Florence GREEN(Whose father-in-law , James Wigmore Darby 
2nd, was born in Union Co.,SC in 1817), was born June 30, 1863 in Walton 
County, GA and died there in 1952...I was born in 1937. She lived with my mom 
and dad from 1915 until she died in 1952...NOW TO THE STORY...During the 2nd 
World War, as some of you may remember, most of the toys were made of wood 
because all of the metal was used to make materials for use in the War....3 
flattened tin cans would get you into the movies...BUT...WE ALWAYS HAD 
FIREWORKS....I did not understand the logic of saving the metal for the war 
effort and using all the powder for fireworks...My grandmother explained that 
the tradition of fireworks had passed down through our family and the 
majority of other families in the South....It seems that in England and in 
the Colonies that fireworks could only be used by the Crown and other 
Nobility by permission....She explained that it was very logical for the 
Americans, wealthy poor or indentured to celebrate the new freedom by the 
symbolic use of fireworks...I never did the necessary research to verify this 
as a truth...but it did and it still makes a lot of sense to me....After all, 
the war had only been over for 80 years when she was born..


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