Why Brazil - Ronald Jaudon \
Subject: Why Brazil
From: Ronald Jaudon \
Date: June 04, 1999

See these Sites for history of "Os Confederados"---Confederates who fled
South to Brazil.  (Go to your Search Engine and try "confederdos", "os
confderdos", "confederates
in South America", etc.---some of the Confederate descendents have
organizations {Camps}
with Websites).



       Cyrus B. Dawsey and James M. Dawsey, eds. The
   Confederados: Old South Immigrants in Brazil Conniff.
   Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press, 1995. xiii + 273 pp.
   bibliographical references, index. $34.95 (cloth), ISBN

Confederados of Honduras  FORUM [email protected] Cultural 3/22/98
8:15:08 AM Following the Southern
War for Independence,, in America, a number of ex-Confederate soldiers
and their families immigrated
to Honduras in ...
   http://www.galaxymm.com/htwforum/_disc7/00000109.htm (Infoseek) 

Confederate Exodus to Mexico & Brazil. Bookguy.com Shamrock Hill B...
Confederate Migration to Mexico and South America. Shamrock Hill Books
   http://users.aol.com/historybks/exodus.htm (Excite) 

Good reading, and good hunting.
Don Berry


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