Re: who is H. E. T. (L? F?), 1869 in Cedar Creek, S.C. - John Segars
Subject: Re: who is H. E. T. (L? F?), 1869 in Cedar Creek, S.C.
From: John Segars
Date: October 27, 1999

There is a Cedar Creek community in present day Lee County, about 10-15
miles southeast of Camden, off US Highway 1.  This area was in Kershaw
County until 1902.

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I am transcribing an old love letter from Sept 1869. It is signed by a
>initials (hard to read): H. E. T. (or the T might be an L or an F). He
>have been about  20plus years old. I am sure the middle initial is an "E";
>I'm even doubtful about the first initial being an "H".......could it be W?
>Don't know.
>The letter was to my gg aunt, Olivia Higgins, from Kershaw County. The
>postmark on the letter says Columbia; inside the writer said "Cedar Creek
>Where is Cedar Creek? Richland County? Near what?
>Olivia lived, I think,  near what is now White Pond Road/Percival Road in
>Kershaw County, not far from Spears Creek.

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