who is H. E. T. (L? F?), 1869 in Cedar Creek, S.C. - Gkinard
Subject: who is H. E. T. (L? F?), 1869 in Cedar Creek, S.C.
From: Gkinard
Date: October 27, 1999

I am transcribing an old love letter from Sept 1869. It is signed by a male, 
initials (hard to read): H. E. T. (or the T might be an L or an F). He would 
have been about  20plus years old. I am sure the middle initial is an "E"; 
I'm even doubtful about the first initial being an "H".......could it be W? 
Don't know.

I know this is an extremely obscure question, but does anyone have any folks 
From this time period with these initials? I'd love to know who this person 

The letter was to my gg aunt, Olivia Higgins, from Kershaw County. The 
postmark on the letter says Columbia; inside the writer said "Cedar Creek SC".

Where is Cedar Creek? Richland County? Near what?

Olivia lived, I think,  near what is now White Pond Road/Percival Road in 
Kershaw County, not far from Spears Creek.

Thanks for any help with my puzzle.


Researching: Porter, McCants, Martin, Rawlinson, Gill, Higgins, Scott, 
Harrison, Fetner; and Bryant, McDade, Dillard, Tolleson, Wells, Baxter, 
Eaves; and Kinard, Wise, Thaxton, Vickers, Patton, Hubbard, Wilkins, 
Long/Lang, Latta (Branch 28), Mauldin, Dismukes.

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