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Subject: Re: white/wofford
From: User546226
Date: June 22, 1999

	I do not know anything about a Bible record. I would love to see what 
it says. 
	Joseph and Martha (Llewellyn) Wofford had a daughter named Martha who 
married Moses White. Moses White and Martha (Wofford) White had a daughter 
named Prescilla White who married James Madison Woodward. James Madison 
Woodward and Prescilla (White) Woodward had a son named Thomas Jefferson 
Woodward who married Martha Ann Graham. Thomas Jefferson Woodward and Martha 
Ann (Graham) Woodward had a son named Charles W. Woodward who married 
Beatrice Yarborough. Charles W. Woodward and Beatrice (Yarborough) Woodward 
had a son named Herman Joseph Woodward who married Mary Audrey (Hinson) 
Woodward. They were my parents. 
	This is who I am!
 	Thanks! I would love to see what you have. I do have letters from a 
Mr. Boutwell on the Wofford's and from a Mr. Hugh Johnston who did a lot of 
research on the Woodward family.
	Waiting to hear from you. Thanks again.
Carolyn Woodward Jemison
[email protected]

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