Re: white/wofford - Jan Burgess Morrow
Subject: Re: white/wofford
From: Jan Burgess Morrow
Date: June 23, 1999


The Elliott White and Mary McWhirter information is in my McWhirter line
From Union Co., S.C..  Mary McWhirter White was the daughter of Charles
McWhirter B. Dec. 6, 1793, Died March 24, 1868 and Elizabeth "Betsey"
Fowler of Union Co., S.C..  Does anyone have any information on Elliott


ccmiller wrote:
>  268 South Carolina Bible Records
> Page h                         MARRIAGES
> Elliet  Whit and Mary Mcwhirter was married
> the year 1845 the 5th of ,Sept.
> Ellott W White and Mary McWhirter was Married
> the year 1845 the 5th of Septem
> James B. Lancaster and Lizzie L White was Married
>  year 1865 the 29th of Oct
> Page 2:                            BIRTHS
> Elllet W Whit was bornd the 18th of Desember the year 1825
> Mary MeWhitter was bornd thc 28 of May the year 1829
> Elliot W. White was bornd the 18th day o dese~ber the year 1825
> Mary MeWhitter was bornd the 28 day of May thc year 1829

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