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 268 South Carolina Bible Records

Page h                         MARRIAGES
Elliet  Whit and Mary Mcwhirter was married
the year 1845 the 5th of ,Sept.
Ellott W White and Mary McWhirter was Married
the year 1845 the 5th of Septem
James B. Lancaster and Lizzie L White was Married
 year 1865 the 29th of Oct
Page 2:                            BIRTHS
Elllet W Whit was bornd the 18th of Desember the year 1825
Mary MeWhitter was bornd thc 28 of May the year 1829
Elliot W. White was bornd the 18th day o dese~ber the year 1825
Mary MeWhitter was bornd the 28 day of May thc year 1829
Herbert Smith Lancaster was Bornd the 1 st day of July 1875
Shelton Columbus White was bnrnd the 18th of Augt. the year 1846
Elizabeth Jane Whit was bornd the year 1850 thc 23 day of Nov
Calafornia Vistia White was bornd the year 1857 December the I Ith
lames B. Lancaster was bornd the 13th of november 1843 Madomh Luella
Lancaster was Bnmd Sept the 17th in the year 1866
Mary Ann Laura Lancaster was Bnrnd the 6 of April 1868

Page 3:                         DEATHS
Ellit Whit Departed this life July 29th 1854
Shelton  White departed this life March the 21th 1864
Mary White Departed this life Nov. the 19th 1867


lNo information is available on the source of this intormation or the
Bible from which it was taken. I
Robert White was horn Feb 9, 1743 and died Nov 21, 1843. His childrea
are as
follows: William White, b Nov 1 l, 1829, d Nov 22, 1876.
John White, b Feb 8, 1778, no death date.
Susan While was b Apr 12, 1780, d Apr 12, 1851.
Jane White, b Mar 28, 1782, no death date.
Robert White, Jr., h Mar 16, 1784, no death date.
Stephen White, b Apr 28, 1786, no death date.
Mary White, b Sept 7, 1788, no death date.
Tillman White, b Mar 15, 1791, no death date.
Elizabeth White, b lan 9, 1793, d Mar 13, 1835.
Charles White, b Sept 20, 1800, no death date.
Benjamin White, b Sept 20, 1800, no death date.

Children of Robert White, Jr.:

South Carolina Bible Records 269

Susan C. White, b June 30, 1812.
Paley D. White, b May 4, 1814, d Dec 16, 1853.
 Mildred M. White, b Sept 2, 1815, d July 4, 1816.
 Nancy N. White, b Aug 20, 1817.
James W. White, b May 6, 1819, d Oct 30, 1843.
Jessie T. White, b May 27, 1821.
Thomas T. White, b May 6, 1823.
Robert E. White, b Feb 28, 1825.
Calvin A. White, b Feb 20, 1827.
Charles White, b June 5, 1829, d July 21, 1863.
Lewis R. White, b Feb 21, 1835.

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