From: Cynthia H. Porcher
Date: June 15, 2000

The Hursts were in Sumter in report below. They may have been in
Chesterfield, but I don't know about it, if they were. The Villeneuves lived
in Cheraw, Chesterfield Co. I also have Watts, Evans, Blakeney, and other
connections in Chesterfield Co.
>From: Mary Eddins Johnson 
>To: [email protected]
>Date: Thu, Jun 15, 2000, 9:13 PM

>What is your Chesterfield HURST connection?
>"Cynthia H. Porcher" wrote:
 Does anyone recognize these families?  They have ties to Charleston,
 Chesterfield, and Sumter Counties. Would love to share info if I can find a

 1. Joseph Henry VILLENEUVE, M. Born on 6 Jul 1835 in Charleston , Charleston
 Co, SC. Joseph Henry died in Cheraw, Chesterfield Co, SC on 28 Dec 1874; he
 was 39. Buried in St David's Episcopal Church Cemetery. Resided in Goose
 Creek, St James Parish, Charleston Co, SC in 1860. Resided in Cheraw,
 Chesterfield Co, SC in 1870. Occupation: Stone Cutter, made monuments and
 tombstones. Civil War Vet, Lt under Johnson Hagood.

 chp note: Joseph's signature is on the gravestones of other members and
 others who are buried in St David's Churchyard.  His stone was signed
 "White."  One of Sarah Jane's relatives?

 Joseph Henry married Sarah Jane WHITE, F, daughter of UNKNOWN WHITE, M &
 Keziah Jane (unknown surname), F. Born ca 1838. Sarah Jane died in Waycross,
 Ware Co, GA on 5 Jul 1917; she was 79.

 ****Following th death of her husband, Sarah Jane and the children moved to
 SUMTER, SC, where she lived on MAIN ST. Could this have been her father's
 house? It is unclear whether Sarah had family in Sumter or she was going to
 be near Joseph's family who lived in Sumter. ****

 Census: The 1880 census shows Sarah (age 42) as head of household with the
 following children, born in SC.
 John W, 20
 Hattie, 13
 Lorenze, 11
 Charles L, 8
 Joseph, 6

 They had the following children:
  2 i. Charlie J. (Died in Childhood), M
  3 ii. Eugenia (Died in Childhood), F (1862-1863)
  4 iii. William J, M (ca1858-)
  5 iv. John Wesley, M (ca1860-)
  6 v. J Haywood (Died in Childhood), M (ca1865-1867)
  7 vi. Hattie Elizabeth, F (ca1868-)
  8 vii. Lorenz Stoppelbein "Renny", M (1868-)
  9 viii. Sarah Ellen (Died in Childhood), F (ca1869-1871)
  10 ix. Charles L, M (ca1872-1894)
  11 x. Joseph Henry, M (1875-1949)


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