RE: WHITE, the stonecutter - D. Akin
Subject: RE: WHITE, the stonecutter
From: D. Akin
Date: June 21, 1999

I was at the Brick Church yesterday in St Stephens, SC and saw the name 
"John White" on the bottom right of many of the stones. Didn't really pay 
attention to the dates with this name...but most were early 1800's. By the 
way, there were tons of Porchers there and also at the Episcopal Church at 
Stateburg, SC. How is your name pronounced?

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Subject:	WHITE, the stonecutter

I am looking for some information re White, the stonecutter who did many
local tombstones, as well as some in Beaufort, and probably other places. I
understand that there was father and son and perhaps another generation. I
would like to know about his family, where he lived, his full name, dates
etc. I am sure some of you history buffs out there know this Mr White, adn
hopefully some of you are kin to him and can tell me about him. chp

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