Re: White (Meeting) House Church, Orangeburg County, SC - Karen Busby
Subject: Re: White (Meeting) House Church, Orangeburg County, SC
From: Karen Busby
Date: July 23, 1998

Hi all,

This White Meeting House is in Orangeburg County. The one written about
below is in Dorchester Co. It is located outside of Summerville. 

Marjorie, I am getting the history of Dorchester (present day) for you.
This Dorchester(present day) was originally called Rosses(spelling might
be wrong). 


[email protected] wrote:
> Is this the "Old White Meeting House" near the old township of Dorchester,
> mentioned in the Way (and related family) history?
> Marjorie Kramer
> << Friends,
>  While in Orangeburg County recently, I passed the White (Meeting) House
>  Church, on Hwy. 301.
>  I didn't have time to visit the cemetery, but I did stop and read the
>  historical marker, which said that it is the oldest Methodist-Episcopal
> church
>  in Orangeburg County.
>  Do any of you know it's history, the names of the pastors that have served
>  there, or the surnames of those buried in the cemetery there.
>  Patty Davis Runey
>  Charleston, SC >>

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