White - Cynthia H. Porcher
Subject: White
From: Cynthia H. Porcher
Date: June 21, 1999

Hi, thanks for your reply. My name is pronounced PaSHAY.or PorSHAY, but
generally the first is the way we say it. My inlaws and lots of family are
at St Stephen's Church Yard. I have been working on the Porcher family,
also, but that family's history is well-documented by the Huguenot Society
and others. 

Thanks for the info on John White, the stone cutter. There are several
generations of Whites
who were stone cutters and I believe one of them had a daughter named Sarah
Jane White who married Joseph Henry Villeneuve. Joseph Henry was also a
stonecutter, but none exist among his ancestors -- they were merchants, so I
believe he may have learned his trade from a member of his wife's family.
Joseph Henry Villeneuve carved the Confederate Monument at Cheraw, SC (St
David's Parish Cemetery). His family plot is also there, and Joseph Henry's
stone was signed by a White. Would really like to figure out this
connection. chp

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