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Subject: Re: Where is COOSAWHATCHIE? / Coosaw Indians
From: Southusa
Date: January 20, 2000

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<< Where was COOSAWHATCHIE in 1793? >>

Elizabeth and all,
I grew up in nearby Grahamville, also in Jasper County. This may help...

From a bulletin from the Jasper County Chamber of Commerce:

"Coosawhatchie:  A peaceful spot just off Interstate 95, this community took 
its name from the Coosaw Indians who once inhabited it. As a white man's 
settlement, Coosawhatchie began to grow in the early 1700's around the 
Coosawhatchie River bridge which serviced the road from Charleston to 
Savannah. In 1788, the seat of Beaufort District was moved from Beaufort to 
Coosawhatchie, and a courthouse was built on the river. A 19th century 
writing tells us that the settlement had about 100 winter residents in 1812, 
but by 1840 the county seat had been moved elsewhere. General Robert E. Lee 
was headquartered at Coosawhatchie when he was in command of the Lowcountry 
just before the Civil War."
Patricia Davis Runey
Charleston, SC

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