Re: Where is COOSAWHATCHIE - Pilgrimpjm
Subject: Re: Where is COOSAWHATCHIE
From: Pilgrimpjm
Date: January 20, 2000

Coosawhatchie was - and still is - located in the southwest section of the 
state, a few miles north of Beaufort and not too far from the Georgia border. 
 Looking on a map, find Beaufort and follow the Broad River inland to where 
it branches into the Coosaw River which circles back around the east side of 
Beaufort.  To find Coosawhatchie, follow the other branch (the straight one) 
that flows north to become the Coosawhatchie River.  You will find the town 
to the left of the river - and directly across the Coosawhatchie River on the 
right you will find the town of Pocotaligo, SC.  
    Coosawhatchie was a small little town when I went there last Spring - 
nearly missed it!  I don't know if it still is, but at one time (ca.1837) 
Coosawhatchie housed the Court of Common Pleas for the District of Beaufort.  
Hope this helps.

Pamela Rhett Molzan

<< I couldn't get geographic nameserver to come up today, and the mapping
 service says no such place, so..... where was COOSAWHATCHIE in 1793? >>

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