Re: Where is COOSAWHATCHIE - Marie Jefferson
Subject: Re: Where is COOSAWHATCHIE
From: Marie Jefferson
Date: January 20, 2000


Coosawhatchie was in  Beaufort District, SC, and there is still a town
Coosawhatchie in Jasper County.  It was the county seat of Beaufort
District.  We went to the town 2 years ago when in SC.  Coosawhatchie River
runs back and forth through that part of SC.

There was a Coosawhatchie Baptist Church established in 1759 in St. Peters
Parish, Beaufort District by my ancestor Rev. James Smart.  I don't know
when the town was established but Coosawhatchie was a thriving community at
one time.
The present town of Coosawhatchie is a few miles from Ridgeland and not many
miles from where Col. Purry landed with a large group of Huguenots in 1732,
right on Savannah River.

Sorry I can't tell you the road Nos. but I have not lived in SC in 50 years.


Marie Brunson Jefferson
[email protected]

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Date: Thursday, January 20, 2000 10:04 AM
Subject: Where is COOSAWHATCHIE

I couldn't get geographic nameserver to come up today, and the mapping
>service says no such place, so..... where was COOSAWHATCHIE in 1793?

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