Re: Where is COOSAWHATCHIE - John Smith
Subject: Re: Where is COOSAWHATCHIE
From: John Smith
Date: January 20, 2000

Also check COOSAHATCHIE.  It is just along I-95 immediately south of exit
33.  It is in Jasper county.  Not much of a town really.  The old coastal
route 17 used to go right thru it.  When I-95 was built Coosahatchie fell
on hard times.  Now the main road thru it has a small store - "Browns
Store" I think, a chipping mill, a charter bus company and a couple of
churches.  Any time you cross the bridge into town there are always a
couple of good old goys fishing there.  There was a post office there once.
 The building is still there, the sign still visible, but the windows are
gone and it's not weathering well.  I understand it has a bit of history.
I believe in 1861 it was considered an important strategic spot.  It was
where deep water crossed beneath the Charleston/Savannah Railroad track.
General (PTOOIE) Sherman attempted to force his gun boats up there.
John Smith

At 10:05 AM 1/20/00 -0500, you wrote:
>I couldn't get geographic nameserver to come up today, and the mapping
>service says no such place, so..... where was COOSAWHATCHIE in 1793?

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