Re: Where is Beach Island, and Thanx - joyemac
Subject: Re: Where is Beach Island, and Thanx
From: joyemac
Date: February 22, 1999

    Beach Island is near North Augusta, SC.  I don't remember the number of the highway, but it 
goes toward Aiken, SC and the nuclear plant.
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From: Karl T. and Wendy Mayfield 
Subject: Where is Beach Island, and Thanx

:With all of your kind help I located Clifford Schmidt.  It was wonderful
:to speak to an Uncle I have not talked to in years.  I thank you all for
:that help!  He also gave me more about that SC POW Camp we were all so
:interested in.  BTW, more on that comming out as soon as I can compile
:everything you sent!

:Last Clifford heard from him was after 1993, and he was living
:in Beach Island SC.  Does anyone have access to Beach Island City
:Directories??  There is not that many Frain's in SC.  I would love the
:assistance anyone can provide.

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