Where is Beach Island, and Thanx - Karl T. and Wendy Mayfield
Subject: Where is Beach Island, and Thanx
From: Karl T. and Wendy Mayfield
Date: February 22, 1999

Hello Listers,

With all of your kind help I located Clifford Schmidt.  It was wonderful
to speak to an Uncle I have not talked to in years.  I thank you all for
that help!  He also gave me more about that SC POW Camp we were all so
interested in.  BTW, more on that comming out as soon as I can compile
everything you sent!

Unfortunately he does  not have the records.  He gave them to Robert.  I
also find out that Robert Dewey Peterson is not his legal name.  Seems
Robert got adopted, and the name he would be going by is Robert Dewey
Frain.  Last Clifford heard from him was after 1993, and he was living
in Beach Island SC.  Does anyone have access to Beach Island City
Directories??  There is not that many Frain's in SC.  I would love the
assistance anyone can provide.

Hugs to everyone!

******************Wendy Mayfield****************************
Author of Locating the Living (A monthly posting on Roots-L)
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