Where in South Carolina was James R. Codwise? - Grandmacc3
Subject: Where in South Carolina was James R. Codwise?
From: Grandmacc3
Date: March 01, 2000

Hi all.  I have hit a brick wall with this ancestor.  Only known information 

His name is James R. CODWISE and he was born on St. Croix, Virgin Islands 
about 1800 to James Codwise and Rebecca RODGERS who married 25 November 1797 
in NY and moved to St. Croix.  James (the father) owned and operated a sugar 
plantation named Mt. Victory on St. Croix.  Plantation probably was 
inheritance from Rebecca Rodgers Codwise's father,  John Rodgers.

James R. Codwise did not show up on the 1815 Census on St. Croix.  But he 
married a woman named Martha (last name unknown) who was born in South 
Carolina and their first born son was born somewhere in South Carolina about 
1834.  Then they show up in AL on 1840 Census.  I'm estimating that James R. 
Codwise was in SC about 1830-1835.  This is basec on his first child being 
born in SC and the second child being born in AL.

Has anyone run across the surname CODWISE in their search in SC?  Any clues 
as to where he was in SC would be most appreciated.

Thank you very much for your help.
Port Hueneme, CA

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