Re: Where can I purchase the Persi CD-ROM - Mmeadpond
Subject: Re: Where can I purchase the Persi CD-ROM
From: Mmeadpond
Date: February 25, 2000

In a message dated 2/25/00 8:17:23 AM, [email protected] writes:

<< I would like to purchase the Persi Cd.  Does anyone know where? >>

Hi, the 1999 version for Windows PC is available at :

Ancestry says it's "on sale!" for 69.95, regularly priced 99.95.

I use PERSI online at, as I have a G4 Macintosh and don't really 
want to bother with SoftPC or other Windows emulators in order to use a PC 
Windows CD. Thankfully some CD manufacturers are beginning to create CDS in 
an Acrobat PDF format, which is cross-platform. Those are the ones I'll buy.

Best regards, Maureen Mead Pond
[email protected]

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