Wheeler Family in Spartanburg SC C1745-1800 - User195037
Subject: Wheeler Family in Spartanburg SC C1745-1800
From: User195037
Date: March 03, 2001

Wanted to see what information is out there on this Wheeler family
1. Margaret Wheeler Born 1765 Died 1856 married Nathan Farmer
.2.John Wheeler Jr. Born 1773
3.Susannah Wheeler Born 1777 Died 1842 Married John Sanders
4.Sarah Wheeler Born 1779 Married James Taylor
5.William Wheeler Born 11 Mar 1780 Died 16 Jun1856 Married Elizabeth Hayes
6. Nathan Wheeler Born 1783 Died 12 Nov 1842 Maried 1stPermelia Lock 2nd 
Emily Marish.
7.Stacy Wheeler apt 1785 Died 1866 Married Elliott Rucker
8. Mary Wheeler Born 1787 Married James Rucker
9 Rachel Wheeler Born 1789 Married Harriss Reeder?
10.Thomas Wheeler Born 1790 Died 1857 Married Martha Miller
11David Wheeler Born Apt 1791 Died 7 Feb 1848 Elizabeth McMakin
12 Jesse G Wheeler Born Apt 1793 Died 25 Jan1844 Married Jane McMakin
13 James Wheeler Born 17Jan 1795 Died15 Jan 1869 Married Margasret Mayberry
14 Elisha Wheeler Born 1800 Died by 1850 Married Susan Blanton
Some of the First few children could have been born in Loundon Co. Va. The 
rest were born Spartanburg SC.
The Father is John Wheeler Born C1745 Died C1829. Do not know wife name.

Blair Wheeler
6718 Susan Dr
Loveland Oh 45140

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