Re: Whatsis? - JIM MOORE
Subject: Re: Whatsis?
Date: March 14, 1998

[email protected] wrote:
> Does anyone know what a "Master sloop sweep" might be?  I know a sloop
> is a boat, but did someone actually sweep them?
> Thanks,
> Jan

	It may be farfetched, but a sweep is also an oar, so maybe he was 
something on the order of a lead oarsman, or a coxswain ???
	In the sense you've stated, perhaps he was the coxswain of the crew in 
the days of sailing ships, and before steam tugs, who rowed a "tow-boat" to bring 
ships into harbor or alongside the pier/wharf.  
	For that matter, when sailing ships went "into irons", or weren't making 
headway because they'd lost the wind, or when the master of a ship wanted to go 
ashore, he might simply have been the that senior crewman responsible for the 
launch used to pull the ship or ferry the master about...a coxswain.

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