Re: What's with all the by way of messages. - Steve Coker
Subject: Re: What's with all the by way of messages.
From: Steve Coker
Date: March 14, 2001

I've been doing some email "spring-cleaning" lately.  There was a folder of 
accumulated messages addressed to the Forum from people who were not 
subscribers at the time they were sent.

The email server sends messages from non-subscribers directly to me.  They 
are not sent to the forum.  I have the server setup to do this because most 
of the messages from non-subscribers are spam.  It helps keep the Forum 
email clean.  But it puts an email load on my system.

I sorted through the tons of accumulated spam and redirected the few 
worthwhile messages to the Forum.  Most of them show in the from line that 
they were redirected.  But, for some reason a few seem to have gone through 
as if they were directly from me.

Please check the messages to see if they have an email address for replies.

Steven J. Coker
[email protected]

At 06:15 PM 3/11/01, you wrote:
>Why are all these by way of Steve coker coming up on our SCROOTS list.  And
>many about Missisippi River, folks dying in TX., etc. and a lot of others
>without one single mention of SC in them.

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