Re: Re: What's going on ??????????-Ivester... - Enc6
Subject: Re: Re: What's going on ??????????-Ivester...
From: Enc6
Date: June 04, 2000

Hi everyone,
My other problem is the Ivester line.  A Hugh Ivester died in Rutherford NC 
in 1791 leaving a wife who was expecting & 4 children.  That baby she was 
carrying turned out to be twins - Hugh & John.  They both married around 1820 
and were in the 1820 census of Rutherford Co., NC.  Hugh is also found in the 
1830 census of Lincoln Co., NC and then he moves to SC and in 1850 is in 
Pickens Co.  But John just disappears.  Would love to find more about Hugh's 
family and would REALLY LOVE to locate this missing John Ivester.  Take care 
- Emma

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