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Subject: Re: Re: What's going on ??????????-Hightower
From: Enc6
Date: June 04, 2000

In a message dated 6/4/2000 6:15:56 AM Central Daylight Time, 
[email protected] writes:

 I'm on here too. I've been unable to get much gen. work done lately but
 still paying attention.
 I have some Hightower stuff. Mainly Vir but a wee bit of SC. What are you
 looking for?
 Cathy >>

Hi Cathy,
Emma here - I think we might have crossed paths before.  I am descended from 
Thomas Hightower and Jane (Jency).  That Thomas is the son of Thomas 
Hightower who married Kindness ??? in Va. and who was the son of Joshua 
Hightower and Eleanor.  Hope that helps you place me a bit.  Would love to 
find out who Jane was.  And.. also documentation on what happened to Thomas's 
first wife Susannah Harrington.  I know that Thomas was b. in 1736 in Va and 
that he died about 1808 in Ky.  But would like some verification of how 
Susannah died and when he married Jane.  
Happy to hear from you - take care - Emma

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