What You Missed - Janet Jilote
Subject: What You Missed
From: Janet Jilote
Date: March 20, 2001

((Steve, please don't hate me))

for those inquisitive minds that just can't rest....

there was a message with normal text, such as the Roots
notes at the bottom of some messages... but there was a
large area of white space and at the bottom were two little
words that amounted to the the abbreviated words "f u".

This is a lesson that all genealogist should take to heart.
Reading through a message will ease your mind, so slow down,
take a few seconds more and read each surname (and all the
additional text). You will find that some people just don't
have what your're looking for... surnames or otherwise. If
he'd done his research, had his facts straight, gotten
proof...  he would have known that there was no one on the
list that was interested in that line!

Janet Nielson Jilote

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