Re: What Makes One an Esquire - Tony and Julie Howell
Subject: Re: What Makes One an Esquire
From: Tony and Julie Howell
Date: February 17, 2000

in our current times the term "Esquire" generally means that the person (even
female lawyers are now using the term) is a lawyer.

earlier use of the term was generally attached to a man (sorry ladies) who was
either a lawyer (barrister, solicitor)  or considered learned, educated and/or
well-to-do.  incidentally, the difference between a barrister and a solicitor is
that a barrister argued cases in court, whereas a solicitor did not.

julie thames howell, jax, fla
surnames: THAMES and DUDLEY

Le Bateman wrote:

 I think that the term Esquire simply means a single man opposed to one
> married. Jacob L. Bateman III or Le
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> Subject: What Makes One an Esquire
> > Does Esquire denote that a person is a lawyer?  I ask this question
> because

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