Re: Fwd: What is Genealogy Related? - Enc6
Subject: Re: Fwd: What is Genealogy Related?
From: Enc6
Date: September 23, 1999

Hi Folks,
I do genealogy because I want to learn about my family and their history.  
And... I imagine that is why most of you are here too.  We search and search 
to find documents and information that will help us form a picture of that 
family.  And... with each document we gain more information.  Not only do we 
learn where and when they lived and died but we also form an idea of what 
they were like as people and what their lives were like.  
We join this list and others like it to help us in that search.  These lists 
work because we are able to share information with each other.
All of the messages on this list are archived for others to search at a later 
date.  So in a way these messages are forming a history of this list.  Can 
you imagine what impression this list will make on a "new person" or a 
potential member as they look at the archived messages and what kind of 
picture they might form of the folks on this list?  Would all these messages 
make someone else want to join this list and share information or would these 
messages make someone hesitate to join?  
So can we get back to doing what we all do best - genealogy and hopefully 
helping each other.  Thanks - Emma

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