Fwd: What is Genealogy Related? - Deborah Aldridge
Subject: Fwd: What is Genealogy Related?
From: Deborah Aldridge
Date: September 23, 1999

Don't worry, I won't post to this list anymore at all.  I have never run
across such viperous, hateful people.  If I had to choose a captive
audience, I surely would not choose you people! PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME

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Subject: Re: What is Genealogy Related?

 Would you please spare the rest of us and keep your opinions private or
> directed personally to others! Thanks. We're not your captive audience!
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> Subject: What is Genealogy Related?
> > Hi Everyone,
> >
> > First, let me thank you for all your support over my run in with a
> > over a posting.
> >
> > I can relate to "cainestown" (didn't get a name) who posted VISITOR FROM
> > PAST.  I forwarded it to my list and got a not-so-kind comment.  I guess
> we
> > can all be sensitive when our personal views are attacked.
> >
> > This is the message I sent to my list re: the posting.  Hope you enjoy
> > and if you don't, please don't write to me!  I don't care!  You know
> > they say about opinions. . .???  No, seriously, please respond to my
> > personal mailbox, if you feel you must.
> >
> > Deborah
> > ***************
> > I know politics is a touchy subject, but I feel that the writings of
> > age or any age are valid genealogical material.  Would someone related
> > Abraham Lincoln say his Gettysburg Address was not of genealogical
> >
> > Are George Washington's letters not of genealogical value?  What about
> > Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution?  Are we not all proud
> to
> > be part of the families who wrote and signed those documents?  Would
> anyone
> > be ashamed to say they were related to any of our founding fathers who
> spoke
> > out against what they considered tyranny?  Or to any of our artists,
> poets,
> > writers who enriched the lives of their times?
> >
> > I truly feel that one hundred years from now, someone may come across
> > writings from this era and be thrilled to know what life was like in our
> day
> > and time.  It tells them something more about us, and how we felt and
> lived.
> > I think all of us have pored over journals, diaries, and letters of our
> > ancestors.  Surely, ours will be as valuable to our children's
> > children one day, or to our cousins's children's children.
> >
> > I know, having blood ties, and corresponding as much as we do with our
> > common quest, we have all wondered what one another was like, what we
> wear,
> > what we eat, what kind of music we listen to, do we like poetry, or
> > classical music, or maybe we're country music fans and like road
> Do
> > we hunt, or fish, or play tennis?  Are we members of country clubs, or
> just
> > getting by?  Sometimes we let things slip that give us clues, and the
> > internet does give you some anonymity, which is nice sometimes.  But one
> > day, when the first of us passes on, wouldn't you like to read things
> > wrote, just to get a better feel for them?
> >
> > If names and dates on tombstones were really enough, why do we spend so
> much
> > time looking up land transactions and baptismal records?  Why do we care
> > what church they attended, or if they owned a business, or what
> > house they owned?  Why do we care what crops they grew, or what regiment
> > they served in and for that matter, whether they served at all.  Does it
> > matter if they were gentlemen or farmers or poor white trash?  Is it
> > worth mentioning that you have a Native American ancestor?
> >
> > OF COURSE IT IS!  OF COURSE IT MATTERS!  These were people, with hearts
> and
> > souls and minds just like ours.  We wouldn't be human if we didn't want
> > see what they wrote, what they felt strongly about, what they wanted and
> > needed and loved.  Just like one day my ggrandchildren will look over
> > these notes and letters from the web and see what we were like.  That
> > though we had never met, we cared for and prayed for each other in times
> of
> > trouble, and shared our joy over times of happiness.  We will be real to
> > them.  They will only know us by what we write, paper traces of what we
> are.
> > So be very careful of what you leave behind, less they think you are NOT
> an
> > ancestor they can brag on, but one of the "black sheep" they keep in the
> > closet.
> >
> >
> >
> > > >
> > > >
> >

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