What is a SLAVE SCHEDULE? - WendyMayfield
Subject: What is a SLAVE SCHEDULE?
From: WendyMayfield
Date: November 03, 1999

Hello All, 

I have one of those SUPREME! Stupid Questions!  That I really should know
about, but don't.  What is a slave schedule?  Why would someone appear on a
slave schedule and not in the regular census schedule if he was WHITE?? 
And an Imigrant from IRELAND??  Or did they poll folks who owned slaves on
the slave schedule only??  Then there is another really dumb question in
conjunction with this.  At some point I know that IRE/UK folks were shipped
to Charleston as part of a prisioner program.  (sure get rid of the baaaad
guy!)  When did this cease to occur?  The imigrant in quesiton arrived in
Charleston in 1853.  

I am not trying to be offensive, I just don't understand this... I am sorry
in advance if I am coming off that way!

Hugs Wendy

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