Re: Whaleys - ginger
Subject: Re: Whaleys
From: ginger
Date: September 23, 1998

Many of the Whaley family still live at Edisto....Whaley's General Store
and service station on the island is also owned by the family and someone
is always there who could probably give you lots of information....know that
Edward Whaley and his wife Abigail had 7 sons and a daughter...each of the
sons received a plantation when he married and had been passed down through
the generations until about 20 years ago...if interested, can e-mail you
the phone number of one of the Whaleys who is friend and still lives there...
may be able to give you some more info....there are also several good
books that have been written about the island and tell alot of the Whaley
family history....have spent many summer vacations on the island......ginger

Ginger Riddle
Meadowfield Elementary
525 Galway Lane
Columbia, SC 29209

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