Weston - Cal Campbell
Subject: Weston
From: Cal Campbell
Date: March 11, 2001

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Subject: Weston

I am searching for the name of a sailing captain, a Weston, who settled
in Charleston, SC in the 1800 - 1810 period.  They lived on Sullivan's
Island where two of his sons and 2 of his daughters were born.  The sons
were William White Burroughs Weston, b. 1800 and Daniel Michael Weston,
b. 1800.  The daughters were Abigail Weston and Rebecca Weston.  They
both married sailing captains named Grant and Lowry, respectively.  They
went back to England where they were educated.  The two boys moved north
to Union Co, SC and married daughters of Jarrett Walker, Sarah and
Martha, respectively.  They then moved to Barbour Co, AL.

Any help on this Weston family would be appreciated.

Cal Campbell

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