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Subject: Westberry\Collins
From: gslat
Date: December 22, 1999

This concerns the children of John Westberry of SC.  Went to Mississipi, 
they did.
This is the same Dillard Collins I have an interest in.


Wilkinson County , MS Courthouse , Book 3 , p. 145

The State of Mississippi Wilkinson County May Term 1818

To the honorable chief Justice of the orphans court of Wilkinson County
The petition of Thomas Wesberry to your honor humbly sheweth that John 
Wesberry the Farther(sp?) of your petitioner lived in South Carolina untill 
the time of his death about the year 1792. That _ John made his last will 
and testament whereby he directed the negroes of which he died (did?)seized 
to be hired out untill the youngest heirs should become of age and that 
their anequal (unequal?) distribution  should be made among the Legatees 
after this period  arrived. The court of chancery decreed a sale of the 
estate for the payment of the debts and to accomplish the design of the 
testator after this decree obtained and before the sale Mr. Dillard Collins 
who had married one of the Heiress brought or sent (?) to this state a 
negro woman named Sylvia & her child as he said for the heirs William and 
Thomas Wesberry who had removed to this state some time previous the done 
(deal? , doc?) made in chancery that the said negro woman & child remained 
in the possession of  the aforesaid heirs William & Thomas for some time 
 and was considered their share of the personal  Estate of their deceased 
farther (sp?) that those Negroes were afterward hired by the heirs , 
aforesaid  to Sd  Collins on their own account  and that after the 
expiration of the term of hire when the negroes returned  to the aforesaid 
heirs the said  D Collins had them arrested and had them brought up before 
I(?) Childs Esqr. and the possession was decreed to him your petitioner 
being the oldest  male heir never having recd any part of the personale 
estate  of his deceased farther (sp?) or any of its proceeds and only 
believing the aforesd Collins had recd his full share on his own accounts 
and in behalf  of the other legatees prays your honor that he may be 
declared ? admr. Of the personal goods of the aforesaid estate now being in 
this state with from to collect the same in order that the decree for sale 
obtained in chancery in the state of South  Carolina may be presumed?  As 
will (well?) as the other  proceedings  had in the care of property with 
its _____of the estate aforesd now being in this state may be disposed of 
in conformity therewith and that whatever further to good faith and justice 
may appertaineth may be done in the premises and your petitioner as in duty 
bound will ever pray   H H
                                    Thomas X Wesberry
Let notices be for the with  posted the Court House at Bayou  Sarah 
 Meeting House & Coulters Mill  that the within Petioner will be heard at 
the next term of the orphans court to wit the last Monday  _____
Monday 21 May 1818
                                    James Carraway
                                    Chief Justice , O, C , W , C

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