Westberry vs. Collins - gslat
Subject: Westberry vs. Collins
From: gslat
Date: December 22, 1999

The State of South Carolina
Sumter District				In Equity
I do have an interest in this Collins family.  I know they went to Miss. 
 Dillard married a Westberry, dau of John.


Jonathan Westberry vs. Dillard Collins, et al

Bill For Partition

Know all men by these presents that by virtue of an order of the court of 
Equity for Sumter District in February term in the year of our Lord, one 
thousand eight hundred eighteen, directing that certain Negroes mentioned 
in a return to a writ of partition issued in the above case to divide said 
Negroes, in which said return the said Negroes are recommended to be sold, 
@ which recommendation was approved of by said court, which said Bill, writ 
[of] return [and] other orders thereon are of record in the office of the 
commissioner of Sumter District, as will appear by reference 
thereto----that in pursuance of said order after legally advertising the 
said Negroes for sale, I did __Saturday, the sixth day of April in the year 
of our Lord aforesaid at Sumter Court House between the hours of eleven 
o'clock A.M. & five o'clock P.M. Sell the said Negroes at Public Auction, 
at which time Elizabeth Bates was the highest & best bidder for nine 
hundred and seventy dollars, of the said Negro slaves for the sum of nine 
hundred and seventy dollars, to wit; Milley, Ransom & Deannah.  Be it known 
that I have received the Bond of obligation of the said Elizabeth Bates 
with personal security for the payment of the said purchase money with 
interest thereon payable the first day of January next ensuing the date 
above, written in pursuance of the order of the said court and that I have 
delivered to him the said Negroes.
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and the seal of the said 
court this sixth day of April in the year above written.

Signed and delivered in the presence of John B. Miller, commissioner, 
Sumter District.
27 April 1812

Book E, page 351

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