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More names that I have an interest in.



South Carolina Colony

Thomas; 1716-17
William; 1716-17

Berkely County

1708; William-land
1765,Jan; Estate of Jonathan [late of St Andrews Parish]  granted to Mary 
Parkinson [Tamplett] of St. Johns Parish, her former husband.
1769, June; William and John-land
1775, Sept; Thomas and Elisha Tamplet sign petition to raise militia. St 
Johns Parish
1775; Thomas, Berkely District, St. Johns [colonial census]

Camden District

1778; John, Colonial census
1778; William, Colonial census
1781,Dec 1; John Westbury inventoried estate of Watson Brumfield
1781, Dec 15; John Westbury, security on estate of Watson Brumfield
1782, Jan 22; John Westbury, security on estate of Reuben Brumfield
1782, Feb 9; Mary Westbury applied for adm. of estate of William Westbury
1782, Feb 17; Citation of application for adm. on estate of William 
Westbury read by Richard Furman
1782, Mar 14; John Westbury inventoried the estate of Reuben Brumfield
1782, Mar 20; John Westbury, security on estate of William Westbury
1782, Mar 28; John Westbury appraised the estate of William Westbury.  Mary 
Westbury, William Westbury, John Westbury, and Burrell Brown were among the 
purchasers. [Moses first married a Brown]
1782, June 10; John Westbury, security on estate of William Roberts
1782, September 24; John Westbury witnessed the codicil of Wood Furman
1783, September 10; John Westbury proved the will of Wood Furman
1790 Census; William, 1 male over 16, 2 under 16--1 female, 7 slaves 
[Claremont Co]
1790 census; J. Wisbery, 2 males over 16, 3 males under 16--4 females 
[Claremont Co]
1791, Sept 21; William deeds slaves to John Westbury family. [Claremont 
1796, May; Elizabeth-land, Head of Green Swamp, Black River

1802, July8; Elizabeth is married to Robert Bates.  Mentioned in a land 
deed in Sumter District.  Same land as that from Robert Mackey.

Colleton County

1711; William-land
1716; William-land
1720; William marries Sarah Evans
1731; William-land
1741; William-Marries Elizabeth Upham
1744; Williams land mentioned in will of John Newton.
1766, June; William-land- mentions [he is second son of William Sr, by his 
wife Sarah.  Edward is oldest son of William Sr, both dead.  Mentions Isaac 
as the only son of Edward and Mary {Samuels} as only daughter of William 
and Sarah.
1766, Nov; Elizabeth, estate of William
1770,Jan; Thomas, of St Johns Parish- Slave sale
1800 census; Thomas, over 45 YO.
1806, Feb; Mary-land, South side of 4 hole swamp.
1820 census; Jonathan, 2 males 26-45

Craven County

1734; Thomas-land
1757;-William-land xaction with Yates
1758; William-land in St Marks Parish  north of Pudding Creek 
1764; William-land
1765, March; William-land
1765; William-slave xaction
1765; John-land, Wateree Swamp---------------------------
1768, Feb; John-land
1772, Jan; Elizabeth and John mentioned on church.
1772, July; John-land-north side of Wateree
1772, March ; John gets land on Bell Branch, it being on the West Side of 
the Wateree River
1773, Feb; John is carpenter.
1774, Jan; William-two plats of land, Middle branch of Black River
1774, July; John-land, Bush Branch of Black River [granted Aug 31]
1774, Dec; John-land, Black River, St Marks, Craven. [Granted Apr 1775]
1775, Mar; William- land, Little Lynches Creek.

Edgefield County

1774, Sept; Robert Brown granted land.  Branch of Cuffeetown Creek of 
Stephens Creek of Savannah River.
1799, Dec 29; Moses sells land to Samuel Carter for 25 Pounds.

Georgetown District

1787, Feb; William-land, Georgetown district, south side of Black River
1790 census, William
1791 March; William-land, South of Black River on Lanes Creek
1810 census; Benjamin, 26-45
1810 census; Thomas, 26-45
1820 April; Benjamin-land, Long Creek waters of Black River
1820 census; Thomas, 26-45

Granville County
1756; Jonathan, muster roll
1756; William, muster roll
1758; Isaac, -will witness

St James Parish, Goose Creek

1736; Jonathan-will witness
1778, Jan; Mary Elders, Spinster, will of.  Sister, Eleanor Moncrief. 
 Cousin, Samuel Tamplet, son of Peter Tamplet. Jonathan Westbury.
1782, Aug; Will of Eleanor Moncrief. Cousins, Jonathan Westbury and Mary 
1784, July; [Manumission] Jonathan releases from slavery. Has terminal 
illness.  Witness; James Rochford.
1786, March; Jonathan-will.  Dau, Hester[under 21], Brother, Thomas. 
 Exors, Thomas and James Rochford.  Sons of Thomas, William and Jonathan 
[both under 21]
Aunt and uncle, Hester and Peter tamplet.
1794, March; Peter Tamplet will-  Mentions Thomas Westberry as Nephew. Dau 
of Thomas is married to Christian Riddlespurger.  Also mentions Williams 

Prince Frederic Parish

1742; Peter Tamplet-will.  daughter; Mary Westbury.  Witness; Jonathan 
1773, Apr; William repairs church steps.  Winyah

James Island, St Andrews Parish, Berkeley County

1682,Mar22; Edward Westbury-land
1701; Edward and Joanne Pulford
1710, Apr 14; Edward-land
1733, Jan25; Thomas-land mentioned
1756, June; will of Daniel Stent.  Wife, Elizabeth [Westbury].  Daughter, 
Elizabeth, [Married Westbury]
1770, May; Anne Westburry marries John Vincent Man.
1787, Oct; Elizabeth-will of. Dau, Ann Man.  Granddaughter, Susannah Myers. 
Nephews, Samuel and John Stent.

St. Barts Parish

1733; William
1750, October- [Colleton County] William; Died; Mother, Mary Early, Wife, 
Jane.  Children; William, Joshua, John, Sarah, Mary, Martha, Elizabeth.
Exors; William Sanders, James Andrew
Witness; Joseph Mackey
1755, Feb; Jonathan marries Sarah Melvin
1755, Dec-Joshua; Died,  William, John, Elizabeth, Sarah, Mary.
Cousins; William Sanders, James Andrew
Witness; Joseph Andrew, Jonathan Westbury
1757; Jonathan and William, militia
1765, Oct 24; Sarah [Melvin] -Estate of Jonathan
1767,Jan; William of St Barts, Berkely Co, slave xaction.
1769, June; William and John-land [bounded north on William Sanders]
1770; Martha mentioned in will of Thomas Melvin [Colleton County]

St. George Parish

1790, Jonathan; Born,  [Dorchester County]  son of Thomas and Mary. Died 
1824, wife; Elizabeth Myers.
1790 census; Jonathan [Charleston District, Dorchester County]


1732; John-is ranger
1737; William and John are rangers
1738; William-lookout to south
1741; Martha charged with murder
1751; Jonathan-member of southern rangers
1771, Oct; William and Steven Tamplet witness will, Black River.
1780, Feb; William appointed guardian of nephew, Joshua Jones [age 15]***
1789, Feb; William-land, Wateree Branch of Black River

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