WESCOAT family - Deborah Aldridge
Subject: WESCOAT family
From: Deborah Aldridge
Date: March 09, 2000

Please forgive me if this is a repost.  I'm so confused by the Wescoat
family, it's not funny!

Does anyone have any info on William Wescoat, chr. 10/17/1762 in St.
Helena's, Beaufort?  I know his father, William I, died and his mother
married William Chaplin.  Nothing else was known of the children, William
and Mary Wescoat.  Now, thanks to a Girardeau researcher, I've found that
Mary married John Girardeau in 1783 and died at the age of 34.  So is there
anyone who knows what happend to her brother?

Also, does anyone know which Mary Stanyarne married Thomas Wescoat, ca.

Piece by piece, with all your help, I'm getting these Wescoats with all the
same first names put into place.



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