Re: Were was Panass_ _, SC? - John D
Subject: Re: Were was Panass_ _, SC?
From: John D
Date: October 11, 1998

Hi Steven,
Thanks a million.  It was Parnassus.  I had left out the "R"
when I send the original query.  The information you sent is
very helpful.  I'm trying to recreate my family's movements,
as much as possible, from the old letters.  This is the
second location that I've run up on that no longer exist, at
least under the name quoted in the letters.  The first was
Shoe Heel, NC which I found is now the town of Maxton.
Once again thanks for the feedback, the info is super.
John D

Visit the "McIntyre Family Page" at  and 
read old family documents from the Mid 1800s.
McDONALD. Locations: NC, SC, MS, LA, Brazil
and possibly AL.

Steven J. Coker wrote:
> John D wrote:
> > ... What I can read of the post mark was PANASS_ _, S.C.
> > The missing letters look like "US"....
> Perhaps it was "Parnassus" which was on the Back River.  The following excerpts
> about the lost site of Parnassus can be found at
> or

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