Were was Panass_ _, SC? - John D
Subject: Were was Panass_ _, SC?
From: John D
Date: October 11, 1998

Hi group,
I just joined your group and I could use some help.  I have
been trying to decipher one of the old McIntyre letters I
inherited. It was written in 1887, and I cannot read the
city of origin. It was written by one of the cousins, a
Sarah LUCAS.  I found a second letter written by the same
person in 1889 and it had an envelope.  What I can read of
the post mark was PANASS_ _, S.C.  The missing letters look
like "US" in the letter but are missing from the post mark
(One of my cousins thought he was going to get rich and cut
all the stamps off the envelopes when we were kids.  In
doing so he cut off part of the post mark.)  I cannot find
such a town on today's maps, so the name probably changed
over the years.
If anyone knows of the existence of such a place, where it's
located, and what it's called today I would appreciate an
I have posted the letter on "McIntyre Family Page" (a link
is at the end of this email, if you're interested), but
would like to verify the origin.
John D

Visit the "McIntyre Family Page" at
http://www.hal-pc.org/~jdm  and 
read old family documents from the Mid 1800s.
McDONALD. Locations: NC, SC, MS, LA, Brazil
and possibly AL.

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