WELCH; SC - J Jilote
Subject: WELCH; SC
From: J Jilote
Date: April 10, 1999

Husband: Nathaniel G WELCH
Wife: Elizabeth

    note: Marriage: Tue. marriage found for
    Nathaniel WELCH and Elizabeth TODD
    4 Oct 18 Columbia,SC;1803

 1.  M N M C "Max" WELCH
    Birth: abt 1809/10
    Census: 1850;  St Philips & St Michael's Parish, SC
    Census: 1860;  Chas., SC
    Occupation: 1860;  Police Officer
    Census: 1880;  Charleston Dist, SC
    Misc:  Grandfather: M. (Maximilian) CLASTVER
    Orphaned:  24 Apr 1817 - 9 Dec 1824
         AKA:  Maximus
         AKA:  Mazimin
         AKA:  WELSCH
         AKA:  Nathaniel Maximus Clastrier WELCH
      Spouse: Maria C.
 2. M. Jacob WELCH
     Birth: 20 Dec 1816, SC
     Residence:  40 Bee St
     Occupation:  Rev., pastor, Calvary Epis Church
 3.  Harriet Bunch WELCH
      Birth: abt 1821;  SC
 4.  Mary (P) WELCH
      Birth: 1826;  Charleston, SC
      Religion: 1832;  Methodist
      Burial: 1907;  St John's Chapel, Chas, SC
      Death: 19 Nov 1907;  Charleston, SC
     Cause of Death: Senility, and Paralysis.
     Orphaned: 15 Nov 1832 - 16 Jan 1834
     Spouse:  Henry C. SHOKES

Still Hoping,
Janet Nielson Jilote
Chas, SC

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