Re: Welborn surename - Marvin Welborn
Subject: Re: Welborn surename
From: Marvin Welborn
Date: March 04, 1998

Hello Eleonore,

My name is Marvin Welborn and I've traced by Welborn's back to SC before
1800 --- However, that's all I've done so far.  (I've been chasing down
other lines.) But I know from 1850 censuses that my ancestors report being
born in SC.  Another line is Dikes or Dykes --- this appears to have been a
mother-in-law to my Younger Welborn in Mississippi.

Have you heard of these Younger Welborn, Aaron Welborn, James Welborn, and
Dikes or Dykes surnames there abouts?  If you could point me in a direction
of where to begin searching, I'd appreciate it very much.

Many thanks in advance,

Marvin Welborn

[email protected]

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From: Eleonore Crespo 
To: [email protected] 
Date: Wednesday, March 04, 1998 8:57 AM
Subject: PICKENS surename

Hi,I am looking for relatives of ROBERT WELBORN PICKENS,b.1848?d.1946.He
lived in Easly,SC;Thanks,Eleonore

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