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Date: December 28, 1999

O'STEEN, JOHN (p.228): (1) His wife, Ada, was a sister of Theophilus Weeks, 
R.S., and was born in Carteret County, N.C. John O'Steen did not die in 
Ware County as stated, but moved to Columbia County, Fla., where he is 
shown in the 1840 Census, age 70-80 years. He died there the next year. The 
death date should be changed to read Feb. 15, 1841. His wife survived him a 
few years. She spent her last years with her daughter, Mrs. Robinson, and 
was living with them in 1850 Census Camden County. The census shows her 85 
years old in 1850. (2) The list of children as published is correct only to 
the first named three, Argent, Ann and Ezekiel. The list was compiled after 
a number of efforts over the years to ascertain the names of the brothers 
and sisters of Mrs. Argent O'Steen Stafford, the Compiler's wife's 
ancestor. Some informants were not sure of some of the names as given; 
hence the errors. The birth record of the children of John and Ada O'Steen 
show eight children, viz:

1. Reubin	b. April 15,1788, m. Nancy
2. Ezekiel	b. Nov. 27, 1791, m. Leah Prevatt, Dec. 24, 1816.
3. Leonard	b. Oct. 14, 1793, m.
4. Bartholomew	b. April 15, 1795, m.
5. Nancy		b. Dec. 7, 1796, m. John Moore (Vol.III).
6. Argent	b. Aug. 23, 1798, m. Josiah Stafford, 1813.
7. Cassandra	b. May 10, 1799, m.
8. Easter		b. Mar. 12, 1801, m. James Robinson (Vol. III).

The old Bible record of these births also include that of Phoebe Weeks, 
born Feb. 22, 1785, she being a half sister to the above. She married John 
Roberts (Vol.1). Note: The Ann O'Steen who married Henry Branch was a 
cousin of the above Nancy (or Ann) who married John Moore. (3) Reubin 
O'Steen, the oldest child, was born in North Carolina. From there the 
family moved to Beaufort District, S. C., where the remainder of the 
children were born, except Easter who was born after the family moved to 

MOORE, JOHN (p.217): (1) His wife, Nancy, was a daughter of John and Ada 
Weeks O'Steen (Vol.II), and was born Dec. 7, 1797, according to the date of 
her birth in the old O'Steen record. The date of Dec. 7, 1796 is that shown 
in the old John Moore Bible record. (2) The old Moore Bible gives the 
births of seven children whom descendants are unable to state whether 
married or not. These seven are listed on page 217.

ROBERTS, JOHN (p. 240): (1) The name of the wife of the son, William P. 
Roberts, was erroneously printed as "Knibht," and should have read 
"Knight." (2) The wife of the son, Stephen Roberts, was Mary Boyd before 
marriage. They were married in Lowndes County in 1838, before his removal 
to Florida. Stephen was Representative from Columbia Co., Fla., in 1858, 
and was cut into Baker County, Fla., the same year. He served as a County 
Commissioner of Baker County 1866-67, and was Representative from that 
county in 1873. In his later years he moved back to Columbia county where 
he died in 1894; he and his wife buried at Swift Creek Church near Lake 
Butler. (3) John Roberts' wife's name was given to the Compiler many years 
ago as Phoebe O'Steen. However, when the old Bible record of John and Ada 
O'Steen was located a few years ago in the National Archives in the file of 
Theophilus Weeks, R.S., it became evident that Phoebe's correct maiden name 
was Phoebe Weeks, her mother having married John O'Steen after Phoebe was 
born (see Vol. IV, p. 368). Therefore, her name in Vol. I should be changed 
to Phoebe Weeks, born Feb. 22, 1785, in Carteret County, N.C. Her grave by 
her husband in Swift Creek Cemetery is not marked, and the exact date of 
her death remains unknown.

O'STEEN, JOHN - VOL.lll: (1) John and his wife, Ada Weeks, were received by 
letters into membership in Providence Baptist Church on February 8, 1834. 
This is one of the oldest Baptist Churches in Florida and is located on 
Olustee Creek, near the little town of Providence. This area was then in 
Columbia County, later becoming part of New River, then Bradford and 
finally in 1921 part of Union County. (2) The date of John's death in the 
sketch is in error. He died in Columbia (now Union) County. The Providence 
Church minutes contain the following entry, "On motion agreed to record the 
death of our beloved brother, John O'Steen, who departed this life on 
January 23, 1842."

CASON, ELI - VOL. VIII: Cassandra O'Steen, wife of Eli Cason, was the dau. 
of John and Ada (Weeks) O'Steen. Phoebe Weeks was Cassandra's half sister.

ROBERTS, JOHN, SR. - VOL 1: Following are additional dates for John, his 
wife and children: John was b. 4/27/1778, d. 5/14/1854, bur. Swift Creek 
(Mt. Zion) Cem., Union Co., Fla. He m. Phoebe Weeks, b. 2/22/1785, d. 185 
1. The following concerns their children:

1. John J.	d. 1/16/1877, 	m. Sarah "Sallie" Sweat, b, 6/6/1822,
		d.  11/l/1898, 	dau, of John and Charlotte (Moore) Sweat,
2. Lewis		b, 6/23/1802, 	m. Mary Knight, b, 1805, d. 1875
		d.  8/1/1854.
8. Stephen	b, 2/6/l 814, 	m. Mary Boyd, b, 7/l/1822,
		d. 1/10/1894,	d. 11/12/1886.
9.Phoebe		b. 8/6/1817,
	(Phebe)	d. 4/18/1854,
10. Nathaniel	b. 1829, 		m. Parthena A. Morgan, b, 1830,
	Enoch	d. 1869.		d. 1872.

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