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Where did you find this information???
This is my ancestor!
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>Josiah Parrish was born about 1771, in Duplin County, North Carolina, to
>Henry (RS) (Vol. VI) and Mary Ann Monk Parrish. Soon after the war, Henry
>moved his family to Wilkes County, Georgia. After a few years there, he
>moved again and made his permanent settlement in Bulloch County, Georgia.
>Josiah married about 1793, but neither his wife's name, nor the place of
>their marriage, is known.
>About the same time that he married, he was serving in the Washington
>County, Georgia Militia as a Private under Captain John McKenzie.
>His father, Henry, died in Bulloch County, in 1800. His estate was settled
>in 1802. Josiah purchased part of his estate.
>On September 5, 1806, Josiah was commissioned a Captain in the Bulloch
>County Militia for the 45th district.
>By 1820, Josiah was living in Camden County, Georgia. The census for that
>year listed him as "Joseph Parrish" 45 years and upwards, his wife 45 years
>and upwards, a son at least 16 years and under 26, a daughter at least 10
>years and under 16, a son at least 10 years and under 16, a daughter under
>10 years, and a son under 10 years.
>Josiah and his first wife were the parents of at least ten children as
>1. Allen b. ca. 1794, m. Martha Hagin, ca. 1815-1819. d. 11/??/ 1839, in
>Columbia Co., Florida.
>2. Tyre b. ca. 1795, m. Mary ????, ca. 1815-1819. d. 1861-1869.
>3. Martha b. 12/17/1796, m. John D. O'Steen, 9/13/1813, d. 6/17/1864.
>killed by Indians.
>4. Ransom b. ca. 1798, m. 1) Mary Bernell, 1/25/1821, 2) Mary Johnston,
>5. William H. b. ca. 1802, m. Elizabeth ????, 2/14/1833.
>6. (daughter) b. m. unknown.
>7. Ezekial b. ca. 1805, m. Mariah Faye, 6/2/1831. d. 8/22/1878.
>8. Mary Ann b. ca. 1809, m. 1) John Alford 0 'Steen, 2/14/1833, 2) John J.
>Branch, 9/13/1838.
>9. Oden b. ca. 1812, m. Nancy Cason.
>10. (son) b. m. unknown.
>Josiah was a fortunate drawer in the 1821 Georgia Land Lottery, but he did
>not take out this land grant. He let it revert back to the state, and it
>was later sold to the highest bidder.
>Camden County Land Tax Records shows him paying taxes there until 1823.
>Between 1823 and 1824, Josiah and his sons, Allen and Tyre, moved their
>families to Northern Florida, settling in Alachua County.
>The 1830 Alachua County census lists: Josiah 50-60, his wife 50-60, a son
>20-30, a son 15-20, and a daughter 10-15, living near the Suwannee River,
>St. Mary's River, Olusty Creek, and St. Afee River. Josiah served in the
>Florida Indian Wars (1835-1842). His first service came when he was
>commissioned a Captain in his own mounted militia on May 22, 1836. Four of
>his sons, two sons-in-law, and two grandsons also served in this unit.
>After 4 months of service his militia was mustered out on September 22,
>1836, at Fort Mills. He was paid 324 Dollars for his Captain's Service.
>The next day he enrolled in Captain William Cason's First Florida Militia
>as a Private. This unit was involved in some Indian fighting at Wahoo Swamp
>on November 21, 1836. This unit recorded that Private John Alford O'Steen
>was killed by the enemy on December 15, 1836, at Garry's Ferry. Mr.
>Parrish's service ended January 22, 1837 at Fort Mills, East Florida
>His service continued in Captain Cason's Militia. He enrolled as a Private
>on January 23, 1837, at Fort Mills and served 4 months and 14 days and was
>paid $91.74. His discharge took place on June 5, 1837.
>His first wife died sometime between 1830 and 1836. He married September 1,
>1836 Mrs. Cassandra (Cassey) Cason, in Columbia County, Florida. She was
>the widow of Eli Cason (Vol.VIII).
>She was born May 10, 1791 to John and Ada (Weeks) O'Steen (Vol.11 as
>amended in Vol.VII and Vol.VIII).\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
>The 1840 Census had Josiah and his family living in Columbia County, which
>was formed out of Alachua County in 1832. It lists Josiah 60-70, his wife
>40-50, a female 15-20, a male 10-15, and a female 10-15. The children in
>the census probably were his step-children from his wife's first marriage.
>Josiah continued to live on his farm in Columbia County until his death on
>November 29, 1846. His widow lived with her son, James Cason (Vol.Vlll).
>She is listed in his household in the 1850 and 1860 census records.
>Cassey Parrish received 160 acres of land from the government for Josiah's
>military service in the Indian Wars. She sold this bounty land to Abraham
>Mott. Her death occurred sometime after 1860.
>Contributed by: Keith W. Parrish of Washington, D.C.

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