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Josiah S. Weeks was born in Thomas, now Colquitt county, July 3, 1844, a 
son of Benjamin Weeks. He was married in January, 1866, to Ruth E. Norman, 
born in Thomas now Colquitt county, Aug. 26, 1845, daughter of Jeremiah B. 
Norman (Vol. III). They had eleven children, viz:

1. Sarah Ann E.	b. Nov. 6,1866,	m. John Needham Tillman.
2. Josiah S. Jr.	b. July 7, 1868,	m. Ella Ruis. Moved to Hudson, Fla.
3. Jeremiah W.	b. Nov. 9,1869,	died Aug. 10, 1873.
4. Mary J.	b. Nov. 17,1871,	died single Nov. 10, 1887.
5. Peter Love	b. June 13, 1873,	m. Rosa Stephens.
6. Zilpha A.	b. Apr. 1, 1875,	died Sept. 15,1889.
7. Benjamin H.	b. May 10, 1877,	died June 19,1877.
8. Susan E.	b. May 13,1879,	m. Arthur W. Page.
9. John M.	b. Apr. 1, 1881,	m. Olive Stephenson. Moved to Brooksville, Fla.
10. Missouri	b. Mar. 1, 1883,	m. John H. Rentz.
11. James M.	b. Mar. 30, 1889,	m. Ava A. Stephens, Moved to Brooksville, 

The home and farm of Mr. Weeks in the southern part of Colquitt county not 
far from the town of Pavo. He served in Gen. Wheeler's cavalry in the 
Confederate Army but details of his service have not been learned. His wife 
died March 14, 1903, and he died March 7, 1917. They were buried in 
Pleasant Grove Cemetery in Colquitt county, where most of their children 
are buried, and also his brother Michael Weeks, 1848-1897.


Eli Cason was born about 1772 in Pitt County, North Carolina, and was a 
brother of Ransom Cason (Vol.11). His parentage at present is unknown, but 
he was a descendant of James Cason, who died in Princess Ann County, 
Virginia in 1722.
Mr. Cason is last found in Pitt County in 1799. In 1803, he is shown on a 
tax list adjacent to Ransom Cason in Glynn County, Georgia.
Eli Cason's wife was Cassandra (called Cassic) O'Steen, born May 10, 1791, 

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\daughter of John and Phoebe Weeks O'Steen. 
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Now ain't that sumptin!\\\\\\\MORE IN NEXT MSG

It is possible that Eli was married prior to his marriage to Cassandra, due 
to his age at the time, but, if so, nothing is now known about it. Their 
children were:

1. Lovie	b. 1811, m. Robert S. Payne.
2. Bartholomew	b. 1815, m. Elizabeth Combs, sister of George.
3. Argent	b. 1816, m 1) James W. O'Steen, 2) Asa Roberts.
4. John R.	b. 1817, m. Phoebe Cason, dau. of Ransom.
5. Cassandra	b. 1820, m. Mark L. Addison, Jr.
6. Cynthia	b. 1822, m. Allen Thomas.
7. Temperance	b. 1827, m. unknown.
8. James A.	b. 1828, m. Mrs. Elizabeth Roberts Gaskins, 10/4/1860.
9. Nancy	b. 1829, m. Rowland Thomas.

Eli Cason is found in the 1820 Census of Appling County. By 1830, he was in 
Ware County, but whether he had moved, or was living in that part of 
Appling that was cut into Ware, is not known. He and his wife, Cassie, were 
members of High Bluff Primitive Baptist Church, joining in 1823. Eli was 
baptized May 10, 1823 at High Bluff and dismissed by letter on March 3, 
1824. In the early 1830's, they moved to Columbia County, Florida. He was 
last found on a voting list at Willoughby Minchew's Precinct in 1834 in 
Columbia County. He is thought to have died about 1835.
Mrs. Cason later married Josiah Parrish and was a widow again by 1850. 
Cassie and Josiah married in Columbia County, Florida September 1, 1837. In 
1860, she was living with her son, James A. Cason, and must have died prior 
The son, Bartholomew, died in 1863 in Lake City Hospital while serving in 
the C.S.A. Army.


Dr. James Rountree Folsom was born in 1831, a son of Randall Folsom 
(Vol.1). He was married to Rachel Swain born in 1842, a daughter of Morgan 
G. Swain (Vol.V). James R. and Rachel had nine children:

1. Montgomery Morgan 	b.	1/31/1857, m. Frances E. Croft.  d. 7/2/1898.
2. Sarah	b.	1860,	died in infancy.
3. Edith	b.	1862,  d. 1878.
4. Annie	b.	1864, d. 1878.
5. Minnie Fredonia	b. 11/??/ 1865, m. Thomas Jefferson Weeks, "Tom Tinker", 
b. 1857,
	d. 1940, son of Benjamin and Sara Harrell Weeks.
6. Maston Lee	b.	1866,	died in infancy.
7. Sidney	b.	1868,	died in infancy.
8. Curran	b.	1870, 	died in infancy.
9. Carroll Raleigh 	b. 8/31/1875, m. 1) Dannie Rebecca Miley, 2) Mrs. 
Cassie Ann DuBose.

After his first wife's death in 1878, James R. Folsom married Annie E. 
Scarborough, daughter of Dr. James Scarborough and Elizabeth Lanier of 
Thomasville, Georgia. Dr. James R. Folsom and Annie had six children:

10. Auren Oscar	b. 8/13/1882, m. Anna A. Pill, 2/28/1908.
11. Oregon Osgood	b. 8/13/1882, m. John Seaborn Weeks.
12. Cecil Lamar	b. 2/14/1886, m. Alma Copeland, 2/21/1906.
13. Georgia	b. 1889, d. 1893.
14. Ben Allen	b. 10/22/1895, m. Mittie Lou Thomas, 7/11/1916.
15. Iredell	b. 1896, m. Thomas C. Bruce.

Dr. James Rountree Folsom, died in Cecil, Georgia, in 1896. He is buried at 
Salem Church, in an unmarked grave.


George Washington Patterson, Sr., was born in Barnwell County, South 
Carolina, on December 9, 1821. He was a son of John and Harriet Patterson. 
He was married, September 15, 1842, to Nancy Ann Weeks. She was born, May 
18, 1827, in Barnwell County, South Carolina. Nothing is known of her 
parentage. To them were born the following children:

1. Harmon	b. 7/10/1844, m. Nancy Morris.
2. George W., Jr.	b. 8/21/1850, m. Missouri ???????.
3. Harriet	b. 7/6/1854, m. unknown.
4. Rachael	b. 12/9/1857, m. ??????? Morris.
5. James "Jimmy"	b. 1/13/1860, m. unknown.
6. Frances "Fannie"	b.5/31/1863, m. Jeff Davis Jowers, 11/5/1885.

Soon after the birth of the last child, Mrs. Nancy Patterson died, on May 
28, 1865, and is buried in Barnwell County, South Carolina. George 
Patterson was married, October 24, 1865, to Mary (maiden name unknown), 
born in 1848 in South Carolina. They had three children:

7. Nancy A.	b. 4/20/1867,	died young.
8. Mary Ann Elizabeth	b. 4/23/1869, m. ??????? Firth.
9.John L.	b. 8/10/1871,  	d. 5/12/1875.

Mrs. Mary Patterson died before 1900 in Barnwell County, South Carolina, 
and Mr. Patterson moved to Ware County, Georgia to live with his daughter, 
Frances Jowers. They lived in the Waresboro District #451. He is found in 
the Ware County census of 1900. He died on March 26, 1902, in Ware County 
and is buried in the Kettle Creek Cemetery.

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