Websites to help us Research our Families (part 2) - Diana Davis
Subject: Websites to help us Research our Families (part 2)
From: Diana Davis
Date: February 13, 1999

Forgive me for duplicate postings if we are on other lists together.
German Emigrant and Immigrant Queries may
 be posted at   Since June, over 16,000
genealogists have visited this site and over 1,000 readers per month
have  reviewed these postings.
"Pennsylvania Tree"  - Ancestors and descendants of central

Pennsylvania Links for genealogists including where to find
    census data online, libraries, newspapers, genealogical and
    historical societies, general genealogy resources and more:

Beaver County, Pennsylvania Genealogical Society WebSite:

PAGenExchange site listing Free Raw Data for researchers.

The Central Books Locator for Genealogists

No charge, fees, nothing like that. It is a webpage of alphabetical
listings which contains links to where one might find books on
This URL takes you to Robert W. Marlin's website.  Robert Marlin is
attempting to provide an index of places one may find marriage records
by using just the maiden name of the bride.
There is a great list of the anglicized spellings for German surnames

It is about halfway down the page.
The Illinois Land Patents are now available through the Bureau of Land
Management's Official Land Patent Records site and
images of the actual patents are available:
//////////////////////////////  Publish your GEDCOM Free    This is added to regularly.  Don't try
once and give up!
*******The URL for archives of all rootsweb lists is:

Once you find the page you just need to type in the name of the list
you want to search.
Bureau of Land Management - Eastern States, General Land Office

Found a wonderful new site that was suggested by another list. Land
Patents are now available through the Bureau of Land Management's
Official Land Patent Records site and images of the actual patents are

provided this information.

ALABAMA. 1850 Baldwin County
ALABAMA. 1830 Washington County
ARIZONA. 1880 Sharp County (Lebanon and Strawberry Townships)
GEORGIA. 1850 Washington County -- corrected files
GEORGIA. 1860 Wayne County -- corrected files
ILLINOIS. 1820 Gallatin County
ILLINOIS. 1840 Perry County
KANSAS. 1860 Madison County
MINNESOTA. 1900 Nobles County -- Town of Adrian
MISSISSIPPI. 1850 Bolivar County
MISSOURI. 1870 Lewis County -- Town of Canton
MISSOURI. 1870 Lewis County (partial)
  Twp 62 Range 6, Twp 63 Range 6, Twp 62 Range 7
NEBRASKA. 1870 Cedar County
NORTH CAROLINA. 1810 Stokes County
OHIO. 1850 Williams County
TEXAS. 1850 Medina County - corrected files
SAMPUBCO has a searchable database for Greene County Wills from
1796-1846!  You can either order through them or with the information
provided, from Greene County directly.
The first explains Family History Centers and the
second goes more indepth as to what is there.
I thought maybe some of you may be interested in this.  Probably most
of you
already know it, but in case here it is. (Document search)
Genealogy Exchange and Surname Registry
> Here is a lot of good information taken from the Church of the
> history. There are a great many familiar names listed. People from
> Church of the Brethern split away to form the Ephrata Cloister.
> A wonderful history of many early settlers while in Europe in 1717
> List of the members who joined the German Baptist Brethren in
> Europe(aboout 1717)
> Passengers Who Arrived With Alexander Mack in 1729 on the ship

This company sells census  microfilm rolls for $7.95 each....remember
you need the availability of a  microfilm reader to view them....your
library may allow you to do that. The County of York is on 3 rolls for
1920...not a bad deal for $23.85....
Shirl...who just paid 3.75 for a rental fee at the library....
d.s.p. = decessit sine prole     Latin for 'died without issue'
ILLINOIS research--Try this site for county lines
URL for Vital Statistics.
Genealogy Tips on diseases, medical terms, epidemics

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