Websites for Genealogy - Clyde Hooks
Subject: Websites for Genealogy
From: Clyde Hooks
Date: February 02, 1998

Hello Adrian Hopkins:
A friend, Edward Breland , forwarded to me in five
sections, your genealogy website addresses. He had received them from
Steve Coker .

Item 1. I appreciate everyone's efforts in getting these addresses
passed around.

Item 2. I'm a member of the Augusta (Ga.) and Huxford Genealogical
Societies. Huxford was not listed in your list. Huxford Gen Soc is at

Item 3. I printed two copies of your list, adding a table of contents.
One copy is being placed in the Augusta Genealogical Library and one
copy is being placed in the Huxford Genealogical Library. Edward and
Steve are mentioned as my source and you are mentioned as the person to
contact for comments & suggestions.

Thanks again, to all of you, for your efforts.

Clyde Hooks

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