Web page - Nancy D. Peeples
Subject: Web page
From: Nancy D. Peeples
Date: March 13, 2001

My husband has been very kind to set me up a web page for all the
information that I have collected.  Most of this is from the Freedmen's
Bureau papers most notably the Restoration of property after the War Between
the States.  These records are on micro-film at the Charleston County
Library in South Carolina.  All copies were made there and then transcribed.
Not all of South Carolina has been done but there are about 160 pages of
information so far.  I am now working on the Losses Due to the Enemy letters
that survived.  They are available at the S.C. State Archives in Columbia,
SC.  These letters are not all that were sent in but all that survived of
the originals.  There is also a micro-film of one of the index books
referred to at the end of some of the letters.  That is held by the S. C.
Historical Society and I believe that the Archives may have a copy of that
also.  Most of these names in both records are in the lower part of the
state.  They are not indexed but I am trying to put them in by location.
This is all the information that I have so doubt I can help anymore with a
search but if your family is one mentioned there is a lot of information
there.  Hope this helps and happy hunting.  Will continue to post the Losses
until they are finished.  The Long Journey Home is on my direct line of
Jenkins family.

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